About Us

Nin & Nate is a creative collaboration between Linda Kennedy (Yuin) and Nathan Leslie (Gamilaraay).

We share studio space on the South Coast of NSW, on the unceded lands of Yuin people.

Alongside our art and craft, we offer educational programs and community engagement workshops using cultural and creative arts practice to strengthen community and raise community aspirations.

More about Linda:

Linda is a Yuin woman from the South Coast of NSW with a background in architectural design focusing on decolonisation. Alongside  Nin & Nate, Linda operates a design studio Future Black and is an advocate for Aboriginal owned and operated enterprises as a pathway for Aboriginal self-determination.

More about Nathan:

Nathan is a Gamilaraay man from North West NSW. He is a professional dancer and choreographer with a focus on community development and youth engagement, and is passionate about the use of creative and cultural practice in meaningful community engagement. Alongside Nin & Nate, Nathan is committed to language revival and is a learner and teacher of the Gamilaraay language.