Shell Booties - Teal Leather

Shell Booties - Teal Leather


Shell Booties

Shellwork by Nin

recycled leather | seashells

The contemporary Aboriginal shellwork trade was first used by Koori women in the late 1800's in La Perouse, where shellwork souvenirs such as booties, harbour bridges and tea-sets were made and sold primarily to tourists. The craft has been passed along by South Coast Aboriginal women who continue to practice shellwork today. Nin's first memories of shellwork were of the shell cluttered shelves at her great-grandmother's place in La Perouse, Sarah Lillian Cruse nee Pepper (Gunnai).

All shells are collected on Yuin country.

Cost includes: Shell booties, gold-trim glass treasure box, item authenticity card
Postage & Handling: $10.00 flat rate Australia Post - Registered Express Post

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